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October 1st, 2007

Amazing Harmonization and Social Awareness is found as Baghdad Scuba Review release 'Testing The Waters' -by Contessa

"You know I had me a revelation. But it wasn't what I thought I'd see"

The arrival of 'Testing The Waters' has been a highly anticipated event as Madison progressive rock favorites Baghdad Scuba Review releases their first full length LP. The anticipation was worth the wait! The seven tracks that compose "Testing The Waters" are an excellent representation of the path in which BSR has been traveling along, while giving good indication of where they are heading.

Baghdad Scuba Review is often lumped in with the "jam band" music genre. However they are truly defined as progressive rock, with elements of classic, jazz, and rock fusion. Long musical compositions and narratives are found in this album as this six piece band explore the social and political awareness that is necessary in today's ever changing and unbalanced society. "Provokers of thought, Men of Contemplation", BSR encourages its audiences to stand up and take notice of the problems and situations surrounding them. "You can float along the water. Just dreamin' your own little dream. When it finally comes time to wake up, you'll find that things aren't quite what they seemed."

'Testing The Waters' isn't just about social awareness and the great lyric composition of BSR. The album shows the vast amount of talent that John Schneider, Chad Thompson, Justin Gerstner, Erik Riedasch, Jason Krueger, and Rob Bloch contain. Vocal harmonization is at perfection as each voice blends together into one beautiful instrument. Speaking of instruments, the precision found in the harmonies extends into the technical ability of the guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and percussion.

This album meets all the expectations of a highly anticipated musical accomplishment. As time progresses, so will the progression of Baghdad Scuba Review as one of the front runners of the Madison music scene. 'Testing The Waters' is just the start of that progression.