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We would like to just say that we play rock music, but the next question is always..... what kind? We like to think we cross a lot of musical genres with our music but it's mostly rooted in and inspired by classic rock while embracing new music styles. Throw in a dash of protest rock and you've got a progressive thinking modern classic rock band.

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Being - Baghdad SCUBA Review - Our debut single from our second album due out in 2010!

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Featured Video:

Baghdad SCUBA Review - Out at 11 - High Noon Saloon 1/24/14

Baghdad SCUBA Review - Out at 11 - High Noon Saloon 1/24/14

Reunion show!


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Weighing in at over 60 minutes, Breathe consists of 13 original tracks, many of which the band has been playing live for months or even years. Some are already crowd favorites showing up on live recordings and youtube videos. However, the album versions are crisp, recording studio quality renditions thanks to longtime recording engineer Mark Weber (Pressure Wall, formerly with DNA) who spent over a year working with the 6 piece group to get the live band sound down to digital. Equally impressive artwork design for the album was done by Steven Welch (Madison Magazine) and Josh Meier (Mad Rollin' Dolls swag-master). Click here for album details and purchasing info.

Released: Friday, May 14th, 2010

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