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About Us:

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The video below is a quick overview of BSR, from our inception in 2004 to the end of 2007. What is in store for the band in the future? Bookmark this website and follow everything that's happening in the world of BSR!


Band Bio:

Sprouting out of the dawn in Madison Wisconsin, Baghdad SCUBA Review (BSR) is a first-rate model of what the band is attempting to introduce to its listeners: full scale, well disciplined progressive rock. As a six-piece group of uncommonly talented musicians, with both entertaining and amusing personalities, this bold group of artists carries impeccable musicianship to spawn a chimerical stage presence and as a newborn band has already embraced a sizeable following.

The unintended Founder of the band, John Schneider came forth from California as an ex-member of One Fluid Ounce. As an experienced Lead Singer, Songwriter and Rhythm Guitarist, this effectual musical athlete broke ground in Madison as a well-known regular gigging solo artist. Digging to find a scene, he asked talented musicians from other popular local acts to sit in with him. Consequently this started an improvised version of BSR in mid 2004, a group of rotating musicians dubbed The John Schneider Project. As a band that was known by most during its time as a very catchy and talented cover band, the same performers would eventually evolve, sending The John Schneider Project on its way to merely carry out an established band from the labor room; Baghdad SCUBA Review.

One of the first recruited members, bassist Erik Riedasch, a seed of pure ambition, was known to be the harness of such previous bands as Groovulous Glove and Minglewood. Soon after Chad Thompson, Lead guitarist, Singer/Songwriter and guitar connoisseur came to as an artful and masterful performer sent from The Green Situation and Minglewood. Following was Justin Gerstner, the logical and imaginative drummer that provides creativity, docking after his time with The Northern Pines Band. The bands poetic percussionist Rob Bloch, also an equipment genius, dedicated himself after floating over from former band Groovulous Glove. Finally, from the band Runga Kutta, deviceful and decorative Keyboardist Jason Krueger joined as a musical craftsman who continues to add freshness to the sound of BSR.

Since the band officially announced its name for the first time on New Years of 2005, Baghdad SCUBA Review has released their debut album Testing The Waters, opened for nationally known acts and not only performed, but have been asked back at the worlds largest music festival, Summerfest. BSR has also taken the stage at Farmapalooza, the Grateful Garcia Gathering (3G Fest), Atwood Summerfest, the Ides of March Festival and the Grickle Grass Jam. As a regular gigging Madison based band, BSR has played at such well known venues as: The Barrymore (Madison, WI), The Annex (Madison, WI), The High Noon Saloon (Madison, WI) The King Club (Madison, WI) The House of Rock (Eau Claire, WI) and is a perpetual band at Mr. Roberts (Madison, WI), which has become known to the band as home base since this venue is where it all began.

One of the many Goals of BSR is to educate and wake up America through original material.


The Band, moe., Grateful Dead, Paul Simon, Blind Melon, Phish, The New Deal, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Talking Heads, Gomez, Bob Schneider, Rare Earth, Bob Dylan, Beck, Ani DiFranco, Wookiefoot, Ben Harper, Particle, Bob Marley, Dave Mathews, Jeff Buckley, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Rage Against the Machine, Sublime, The Allman Brothers, The Roots, The Meters, Tom Petty, The Velvet Underground, Traffic, The White Stripes, The Who... Look, we could go all day here.


The Line-Up:

John Schneider - Guitar/Vocals

Chad Thompson - Guitar/Vocals

Justin Gerstner - Drums/Vocals

Erik Riedasch - Bass/Vocals

Jason Krueger - Keyboards/Vocals

Rob Bloch - Percussion