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July 11th, 2007

Brenda Konkel Summerfest Review

Brenda Konkel - This Side of Town - BlogSpot.com

July 10th, 2007

Belated Summerfest Report - Music & Politics!

So, people keep asking me, "How was Summerfest?" Here's the belated rundown.

Baghdad Scuba Review rocked! (What else did you expect me to say? My boyfriend is the percussionist!)

OK, seriously, in my humble opinion, Baghdad Scuba Review was awesome. If you don't believe me, you can check out a little of my shaky video/camera audio of one of their originals here, a less biased review here, and here's some pics . . .

John Schneider in front, Rob "the everything guy" Bloch (that's my sweetie!) hiding behind the congas and John.

Here's my attempt to get the whole band in a picture. It's alot harder when they're on such a big stage, a little different than being squished in to Mr. Robert's! (Note the Scuba Team T-shirts in the crowd.)

Chad Thompson.

I wish I had pictures of them in the t-shirts they had on for their 2nd set, you can see some of them here. Their white t-shirts had a variety of messages on them, some of them only numbers (as of July 5th 585 = days that Bush had left in office, 3588 = the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq).

If you want to hear more about how they mix politics and music, Maximum Ink has a nice article (print only at the moment) on the band in their July 6 issue.

And if you want to check them out for yourself, they will be playing at Mr. Roberts tonight (more info below) and the rest of the schedule is here.