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Newsletter from 2007-04-17:

"I said a long time ago, one of our objectives is to smoke them out and get them running and bring them to justice," --George W. Bush, Nov. 26 2001 speaking after 9/11 - referring to Bin Laden & other terrorist organizations. Hey party people! Did you happen to make it out to our show w/ Down Lo on 4/4 @ High Noon? WOOOoooh! What a party. We'd like to thank all who made it out as well as our good friends Down Lo & The High Noon for having us. Let's do it again! How about this Friday!?! Friday, 4/20/07 9:00 pm Yokanizu Project will be opening the evening for Baghdad Scuba Review **FREE SHOW!** 674 S. Whitney Way Madison, Wisconsin 53711 We would also like to mention that we will be on Urban Theater (MyTV-14) next Friday 4/27/07 at 9:00pm. Check it! In other news; we have a new website up! Please check us out @ www.baghdadscubareview.com thanks to our very own Cuz. Also, we are wrapping up our debut album at Boxcar Music Studios. Stay tuned for release details and how you can obtain your copy! That's all for now! We hope all is well with everyone and we'll see you Friday night!